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A recent study reveals that eggs improve Nutrient Absorption

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, an egg in your salad can help you to absorb essential nutrients in your body. They absorb essential nutrients like carotenoids that is known to be a fat soluble nutrient that reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. Having salad along with different variety of vegetables provides different typoez of carotenoid that includes lutein, lycopene and beta – carotene. The liquid content of the egg enhances the process of absorption of all these types of carotenoid. 
During a research, about 16 participants had consumed raw vegetables with no egg. Then they tried with salad with one and half egg. Then they were given salad with three eggs. All these servings were made with 3 gm canola oil. The second serving had 75 gm of scrambled egg while the third was made with 150 gm of scrambled egg. Carotenoid was absorbed 3.8 fold more when three eggs were used compared to when no egg was used. Scrambled eggs were used specifically to make sure that both yolk and the participants consume the white part of the egg. 
It was also revealed that the lipids in the dressing of salad also help in increasing the absorption of carotenoid. The researchers also warned that the product should not be overused as it can be very heavy and can contain excess of calories or fats. Jung Eun Kim, a researcher at the Purdue’s Department of Nutrition Science said that eggs are rich in nutrients and contain essential amino acids, unsaturated fats and vitamin B.