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Don‘t think too much

Maybe it sounds weird when someone tells you ‘’don’t think too much’’ but it is the truth. People who think about everything and keep their brain into overdrive, are usually more anxious and stressed. This even make them less effective at work, school or even reduce their ability to perform simple tasks! According to the latest study, conducted by the researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, people who think about unnecessary things, learn a basic task much slower than people whose brains are used only for the essential functions. The study included a computer game. All participants were tough how to play, and they took the game home in order to practice. A few weeks after, they returned to the lab to show how well they mastered the game. Some of the participants mastered the game very easy while others showed slow progress. After brain scans, researchers determined that people who used nonessential parts of the brain while they tried to learn how to play the game had lower results. This proved that people who overthink, have trouble learning.

The participants that used the anterior cingulate cortex and the frontal cortex, longer than others, had lower results. These parts of the brain are used for: avoiding errors, high-level thinking and carrying out plans, are important for complex tasks. On the other side, when a person uses them for simple tasks, they have a negative effect. It is still known, can a person turn off those parts of the brain when he/she is trying to learn some simple task, but researchers will continue the research. It may help you if you relax when you are doing some simple task.