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High heels can affect ankle stability

The world of fashion sometimes fails to understand the basic human anatomy. The heels are perfect example of the same. The toes are force to be in the extended position for long time and the resultant stress can create complications. Not just feet but this also affects the spinal cord. The studies show that heels start paining in one hour six minute you wear it. But if it pains, why not get rid of them? The benefits are overriding the cost here. According to top models, heels make body look thinner, taller and better legs. It is high time to find some alternative to the heels because South Korean researchers have noticed that they are changing muscle balance near the ankle joint.

The study was published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice. There have been 14,140 incidents of high heel injuries in the United States during 2012. The number was almost half during 2002.  The affect age group is between 20 to 30 with ankle and foot being most injured parts. The researchers also spotted that majority of these incidents happen in the evening and alcohol increases the chance of getting injured. A person with high heels has to change the standing posture continuously as it shifts the center of gravity forward.

The solution for the problem is very easy. Extra care needs to be taken while selecting the size of heel. Thicker heels can be good option for better ankle stability and the length should be less than 4 centimeter.