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Three healthy low-carb recipes

More people have started to think about low-carb diets. Nutritionists say that carbohydrates lack nutrients, but they add extra pounds instead. Surprisingly, cooking without carbs is actually very easy. If you are not convinced, here are three healthy low-carb recipes:

  1. Veggy Omelet. This is the perfect thing to eat in the morning, especially if you will not have the chance to eat again until lunch. To make sure that you don’t add too many calories, you can fry it in coconut oil. Add some spices, broccoli, beans, tomatoes, and carrots. It has almost no calories but is chock-full of nutrients. You will not have cravings or feel hungry for a few hours after. Make sure that you do not add corn or bread to this meal because it will no longer be a “no-carbs” meal.
  2. Grilled chicken with vegetables and seeds. We all love grilled chicken, but why not add some things to make it even tastier? Before you grill the chicken, add some spices, pour some salsa sauce over it, and sprinkle on some seeds. Wrap it up in cooking foil and put it on the barbeque. The chicken will have a crunchy surface and be soft and moist inside. Add some salad and vegetables to give you the vitamins you need to stay active for the entire day.
  3. Cheese Waffles. You will need some cauliflower, tomatoes, eggs, cheese, and spices. Mix them all together, add a few small pieces of onion and peppers and cook them like you would cook a waffle. This can be breakfast, dinner or lunch. This is a satisfying meal and will give you plenty of nutrients without any carbohydrates.