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When you eat is important for your health

People believe that the food they eat is important. It is, but according to the latest study, when we eat is equally important. This study, found that when a person eat within 8-12 hour frame, metabolism is changed at a genetic level. It lowers body weight and blood sugar. The scientists believe that this is important for reducing the risk of cancer, heart diseases, dementia and diabetes. 

The aforementioned study included 2.200 women. The average age of a woman was 47 and BMI (body mass index) was 28. This phenomenon is called time-restricted eating. All women in this study reported when and what they ate and gave blood for testing. Researchers were monitoring their blood sugar levels, how much it climbed after a meal and how steady it was in previous 2-3 months. Half of women didn’t eat anything from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. the other half eat late and early. 

The similar study was conducted on mice. Some of them could eat when they want and others could only eat 8 hours each day. The mice that were fed normally, ate at night. Mice that were on a high-fat diet ate all the time, so they lost the ability to feel satisfied. As the result, they got fat and they were on the road to diabetes. The mice that had restricted access to food, didn’t gain weight. This study was repeated several times and the result was always the same. 
There are some drawbacks in this study. Mice ate the same food every day. People eat different food. So, more research is needed in order to determine how much time-restricted eating is important.