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Why we don’t sleep enough?

If you ask your parents or grandparents they will probably tell you that back in the day when they were young people didn’t have problems with insomnia like we have today.
Many scientists are trying to discover what is the answer to our question when it comes to our sleep, what causes insomnia and our lack of sleep?
There are some studies that have shown that almost everything we do today, in these modern times leads to insomnia.

People are obsessed with technology, it is like they don’t see any other form of entertainment besides TV, mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.
So that’s why researchers agree with us, because they think that artificial light (which includes light from TV, mobile phones and other stuff) affects our sleep quality.
Researchers from different American universities such as Harvard and Yale also discovered that artificial light causes insomnia, especially in winter and not that much in summer.
They conducted an experiment where they had two groups of people. One of them had access to electricity while the other one had only natural light.
They performed this in the summer and in the winter. One week during the summer and one week during the winter.

They have noticed that group of people who used artificial light had problems with sleeping unlike the other group who didn’t have insomnia.
It was discovered that artificial light has a great impact on sleeping, especially in winter and it reduced sleep time by one hour.
In summer the situation was little bit different. Artificial light reduced sleep by approximately 40 minutes.