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Information on Vitamin D

video: on Vitamin D.mp4; on Vitamin D.jpg} Posted by Michael Stephens 4/1/15

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Balance Exercises - What are the Benefits?

It is important to incorporate balance in any training that you perform. You cannot imagine the benefits your body can acquire from these exercises. Balance exercises can bring about improvement in your overall fitness. You also get to enjoy its benefits in sports performance and its ability it…

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Pros & cons of an exercise bike and a NordicTrack

NordicTrack has earned a name in the fitness world as one of the leaders in workout machines. They have amazing ski machines and incline tracks. In this article though, we will be focusing on one of their latest creations: the exercise bike. We see a lot of benefits of the NordicTrack bike, but the…

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Make your own backyard boot camp

Here is another contender in the fitness craze. With workout routines tailor-made to fit people’s busy schedules, this concept has come in at the right time. It has the comfort of just stepping into your backyard for a good workout instead of paying to attend a gym. The advantages of having a…

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Five exercises to do with the exercise ball

Losing weight and toning your muscles will take a lot of work, so you have to be ready for this challenge from the very beginning. There are many ways to make things easier for you, one of them being an exercise ball. It will help you do complicated, but effective exercises and you will not need any…

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Three vegetable juice recipes that help with weight loss

Before you start a weight loss program that advocates juices, be aware that consuming pure liquid juice may do more harm. The vegetable juices listed here are full of fibber along with their added nutrients. They will keep you full and drops the unwanted pounds. Vegetable juices are an easy meal…

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How can snacking actually help you lose weight?

Let us first debunk the idea that snack is a synonym for unhealthy. Granted, most snacks are commercially produced to appeal to the eye and with no regard to health. So, don´t be shy at going for a snack now and again, but do it responsibly. Fortunately there are snacks that can actually help…

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How can weight management control your blood pressure?

Keeping your weight at a healthy level has many benefits for your overall well being, both physically and mentally. Physiologically speaking, because heart disease is such a major, potentially deadly health issue, lowering your blood pressure is very critical. There are a number of ways to…

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What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet is highly nutritious and recommended for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. It is believed that many of the modern diseases such as diabetes, obesity and others are caused by the modern diet, which is full of processed food that has chemical enhancers and preservatives.…

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What does the Soil Association’s logo tell consumers?

The Soil Association Symbol is the most recognized symbol today when it comes to organic produce. It appears on over 70% of the products in the UK and it is a guarantee that a product is organic. Any company can add the logo to their product, but it is not that simple. It is necessary for this…

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What does the Soil Association’s organic logo tell consumers?

We live in a time when most of the processed foods we eat are unhealthy, like it or not. Even the vegetables that we buy have been sprayed with chemicals and growth additives. The same thing applies to meat and dairy products; sometimes the animals are raised in bad conditions and they are fed with…

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Benefits of Long-Aged Miso

Miso is a traditional Japanese food which is grown worldwide. It is made from soybean, rice, and sea salt. There are few varieties of miso, but the common types are made from fermented soybeans and a mixture of other ingredients in various ratios. Varieties of Miso: Fermented miso is formed due to…

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Bambeco furniture and home decor

In the last few years, people havestarted to care more about the environment and they feel they must do their part to protect it. This is also the case of furniture companies, who have changed their production methods and struggle to create eco-friendly furniure and decorations. Bambeco is one of…

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Can anyone sell organic food?

To answer this question one has to think about all the implications in actually delivering organic food to the final consumer. For starters, if you are to become a direct seller (with no intermediaries) you must be a farmer who follows strict regulations governing organic food. No company or farm…

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Growing your own herbs

We all love fresh food, organic food but it’s not always easy to prepare it. Most of the fresh fruits and vegetables that you find in the store, including herbs, are treated with chemicals and additives. You should consider growing your own herbs. And you can do this right in your kitchen! The…

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  • What is Binge Eating & Is It Dangerous?

    Binge eating is an eating disorder associated with frequently eating an unusually high amount of food and feeling unable to stop even one gets uncomfortably full. More often than not, people with binge eating disorder become overweight and obese because they do not usually resort to behaviors such…

  • What causes muscle cramps and how to avoid them

    A cramp can be defined as a violent spasm that occurs to the muscle when this one locks down and violently shortens. This is enough for an athlete to slow down, feel excruciating pain, and stop any physical activity. If a person is serious about their fitness and training, they do not want a cramp…

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