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Mistakes you make while you are running

If you recently started with this form of exercise, and you are completely new at this, you are probably doing something wrong.

It is much more exciting and thrilling to work out outside, so that’s why we will help you in case you are making mistakes while you are running.
If you run on a bumpy road, you will increase the chance of getting hurt, because running on a bumpy road or up the hill is not the same as doing those things at home while riding stationary bike.

You need more strength and effort to do this, which is unnecessary when you are a beginner.
It is enough if you run shorter distance in the beginning, because that way you will spare yourself from getting any injury. 
Another mistake you can make is when you think you can run as fast as you run when you are at home, using your stationary bike.

No, you can’t, and don’t be disappointed when you realize you are getting tired quickly. Don’t force yourself, or otherwise you might hurt your leg and fall. Keep it slow and balanced, because when you are new at something, no one expects from you to run like crazy. Relax !
The most important thing for you is to pick proper shoes, meaning sneakers. You are running not walking, so you need to wear something that will help you achieve better results, and pay attention to slippery shoes, you don’t want to fall.