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Fun Ways To Lose Weight Over The Weekend

Most of us spend the weekends lazing on the couch watching soccer, sleeping and eating out with friends and family, often ignoring the weight loss and fitness plans. Instead of being the couch potato, here are smart things to do on Saturdays and Sundays to lose weight.
Head for a trek
What about spending a pleasurable day with family at a good trekking spot around your home? Trekking is a great way of exercising the body and pushing the limit, without thinking hard. You may find many places around your city, depending on where you stay.
Go shopping
Walking around the malls may not be direct exercise for sure, but that’s like walking lazily for one hour or more without thinking of it as an exercise plan. Even if you don’t want to buy anything specific, malls are good places to keep the feet moving and burn a few extra calories.
Clean the house
Without waiting for another week to see a messed up home, you can simply start cleaning next Saturday! Cleaning, dusting, and mopping are simple exercises that will reduce your lethargy for the weekend. Take help from your spouse and family, and you will find yourself sweating soon.
Eat light
Instead of having breakfast and lunch within a few hours, you can consider a good healthy brunch for weekend days. Consider fruits, veggies and salads for menu and if you have the time, you can even make a meal and avoid eating at fast food outlets.
The idea for a healthy weekend is to eat well, get rest and keep the body moving!