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Shedding 50 kg with bariatric surgery won’t be difficult now

A 28 yr man who weighed 150 kg had lost almost 75 kg in just six months in a reality show which was regained by him later. Doctors said that he had undergone a bariatric surgery that made him lose 50 kgs. This is a shortcut for losing weight. It is not for the ones who can lose weight easily. But is for the ones who had tried their best various things like gym, diet and many other things but could not lose weight. 

Mustafa who was completely into foods had controlled his food habits initially by dieting and exercising but when he gave away all the health practices, he regained his body size. Because of being overweight, he could not exercise again and he even injured his knee and hands. He was on bed for about two months. He then decided to undergo bariatric surgery that made him lose weight permanently by making his stomach less bulky. 

He followed a prescribed diet plan from the third day of surgery. He lost weight very easily and went for a regular walk for about 30 minutes every day or 3 hours in a week. The best thing about the surgery is that you can’t have more food forcibility due to the resize of the stomach. A person who is overweight by 5 – 10 kg can shed away their extra weight more easily even without any surgery. With the help of surgery, the people can easily move about in the same day.