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Are GMOs safe?

Genetically modified foods or GMO’s are those that have been modified in a laboratory. Surprisingly, GMO’s are not dangerous and they are even better than some foods that we eat every day. Here is what you have to know:

  • GMO foods are not poisonous. Although the plants are genetically modified, they do not represent any threat to health. Actually, the scientists removed from the plants those substances that could harm us in any way. This is a huge step forward, especially for people who deal with allergies or are sensitive to some substances. Due to GMO’s, people who are allergic to peanuts can actually eat peanuts without any negative effect.
  • GMO’s might be the answer to global hunger. Very often it’s difficult to grow natural crops, especially in certain areas. Plants can be sensitive to certain temperatures or types of soil. GMO’s are easy to grow and some of the plants can survive in extreme temperatures. If more countries would adopt GMO crops, they could solve the hunger issues that they face.
  • Processed food is more dangerous than GMO’s. Processed food that contains chemicals and additives is more dangerous than GMO’s. These processed foods contain ingredients that are harmful to the human body.