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Can protein bars replace meals?

What is a protein bar?

Protein bars are a great source of protein and an ideal meal for body builders and fitness enthusiasts who need extra proteins to build muscle mass. Today, a variety of protein bars are available on the market. These bars are designed to provide simple, accessible, and convenient meal replacement to those who are struggling to attain their fitness and weight loss goals.

Reasons to place meal:

People might substitute different protein bars for their regular meal in the hopes that it will help them reduce calories and trim unhealthy fat. Some famous diet planners may recommend substituting a protein bar for a lunch, dinner, or a whole meal. Some advise eating a protein bar after a workout at the gym. Protein bars helps you to consume sufficient amount of proteins and amino acids when you don’t have enough time to eat a healthy meal. 

Can protein bars replace a meal?

No, protein bars cannot provide the variety of nutrients that you can get from a meal of whole healthy foods. Although there are many benefits of using protein bars as a meal substitute, such as, lack of options, convenience, reducing calories for weight loss, but they do not provide proper nutrition. In simple words, regular meals have greater advantages over protein bars. A nutrition comparison of a healthy meal and a protein bar shows some nutrition differences that illustrate full meals will provide greater number of nutrients. A protein bar may have 20G protein, 10G fat, and 330 calories. On the other hand, a meal platter consisting of a chicken breast, mixed vegetables, a medium apple, and low fat milk has 40G proteins, 6G fats, and 415 calories.