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Clean Vs. Dirty Bulking

Today's gym nuts tend to have a philosophy of more is better when coming to bulking with food. But a lot of people don't watch what they stuff into their mouth while they are trying to pile on the muscle. So many times you see friends and colleagues trying to put on serious mass through muscle, though they do it in the dirtiest way possible.

C.T Fletcher is a great example of this. The guy is an inspiration of hard work and dedication. However, even he was felled by the habit of dirty bulking. He was eating the same McDonald's lunch everyday of just piles of dirty, dirty carbs, fats and god knows what else goes into that food. Unfortunately during his prime, around the time he made an amazing record for max weight barbell curl, he suffered major heart failure and had to have open heart surgery.

CT dropped literal hundreds of pounds due to his surgery and learnt his lesson about how to bulk healthily and most importantly, safely. Now a lot of bodybuilders, pro, amateur or recreational realise how to properly load up on food to gain mass at a proper rate, but way too many people feel they can shovel whatever they want into their bodies and assume it is conducive with healthy mass gain. Watching what you eat when the amount you eat has to be so high is hard, but is a necessary nutritional facet of building muscle in a sustainable way.