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Diet Swap Study Highlights Bowel Effects Of Western-Style Diet

“Diet swap experiment reveals junk food's harm to guts,” a new study suggests. 
The study, which was conducted by researchers from University of Pittsburgh as well as other research centers in Europe, South Africa and the U.S., saw more than 40 volunteers taking part in the study. 20 of which were Americans while the other 20 were from Africa. 
The study, which had its findings published in Nature Communications, a peer-reviewed journal, was funded by the U.K. National Institute for Health Research, the U.S. National Institute of Health, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, the Academy of Finland, the Academy of Medical Sciences and the European Research Council.

20 American volunteers were asked to eat a diet which is common with those in Africa and it usually contains high fibre and it’s normally low on fat. The other 20 volunteers from Africa were given American-style diet which usually contains high fat and is low on fibre. 
From the results the researchers found out that American-style diet contained more red and processed meat. The findings also revealed that after two weeks both the American-Style diet and the African-style diet resulted into biological changes on the microbes which are present as well as the levels of inflammation.

The changes witnessed among those who took up the Africa-diet suggested that they could help with reducing bowel cancer which is popularly known as colon cancer in the long run. The opposite was true when it came to American-diet.  
The researchers concluded that “changes in the food content of fibre and fat had remarkable effects on their [bowel bacteria and metabolites] within two weeks, and, critically, that these changes were associated with significant changes in inflammation and proliferation [of the bowel lining].”