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Why should you reduce your salt intake?

We’ve all heard many times about the need to eat less sugar. But what about salt? Can we consume “too much salt”? Actually, eating too much salt is as worse than eating too much sugar and your health can be damaged by both these substances in the short and long term.

In short term, too much salt will make you feel bloated and heavy. Sodium will make your body retain water and there are many people who believe that they are gaining weight because of this. Once you start to reduce your sodium intake, you will notice that you will start losing weight, but it is actually water.

In long term, retaining water can have negative and severe effects. This will not only affect your body weight, but it will also put an incredible amount of stress on your organs that will have to work harder. There are many organs in your body that could be damaged by too much sodium. People who eat a lot of salt run the risk of greater chances of developing diabetes, obesity and other weight related problems. Too much salt will change the look of your skin and you will have less energy. This can lead to an increase in blood pressure and serious heart disease. Too little salt can cause you to faint from being dehydrated especially in hot weather. Like all things in life, moderation is the key. Cut down on your intake of salt, but don’t eliminate it completely from your diet.