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How can snacking actually help you lose weight?

Let us first debunk the idea that snack is a synonym for unhealthy. Granted, most snacks are commercially produced to appeal to the eye and with no regard to health. So, don´t be shy at going for a snack now and again, but do it responsibly. Fortunately there are snacks that can actually help you lose weight. So maybe you want to actually include them in your weight-losing regime. As a matter of fact, you actually need snacks to lose weight.

Between meals

Snacks are a great way of refueling the body between meals without adding excess carbs. They come in pretty handy because they will prevent you from ravishing and gobbling your next big meal. Snacks will help you stay on check with your calorie intake during meals.

Which snacks should I chose

This is actually an important question.  The answer is about the amount of proteins vs the amount of calories the snack contains. Make sure you get the proper amount of proteins as well as fiber. Proteins will help you build lean muscle while the fiber will help you digest your food for proper absorption.

The best foods for snacking

  • Greek yogurt with some raspberries and honey make a great combo. You get a great dose of healthy fats, protein, and fiber.  Besides this, the vitamin C contained in the raspberries will help your digestion.
  • Any fruit makes a great snack. However, fruit also contains sugar and it is important to make a good balance between sugar and protein. A good combination could be an apple and a cup of skim milk.
  • Grain bars also make a great snack. One bar supplies one-third of your daily whole grain needs.  According to research, consuming whole grains can actually help you lose fat.