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Three vegetable juice recipes that help with weight loss

Before you start a weight loss program that advocates juices, be aware that consuming pure liquid juice may do more harm. The vegetable juices listed here are full of fibber along with their added nutrients. They will keep you full and drops the unwanted pounds.

Vegetable juices are an easy meal replacement, especially when they carry ingredients that promote weight loss.

Instead of using a regular cold-pressed juicer, use a blender. This appliance will help retain the much-needed fibre. You can add water to thin it if needed.

Collard Cooler

The fibber rich content helps you eliminate toxins and cool your system. The apples make this smoothie sweet so there is more reason to avoid adding processed sugar.

Blend together a couple of collard green leaves, 2.5 roughly diced medium-sized apples; half of a medium-sized cucumber; 2 stalks of celery; half a peeled lemon and lime. This is a great refreshing vegetable juice that helps with weight loss.

Parsley and Beets

This vegetable juice is diuretic. So, therefore it helps in removing of excess water from the body. Beetroot is a rich source of iron, among other benefits.

Bring together a cup of kale, couple of leaves of Swiss chard, ½ cup of parsley, beets and pineapple; 2 medium green apples and a sprig of fresh mint. Top it with ½ peeled lemon.